Power washing your carpet or rug

Cleaning your home premises is never a straightforward process. Carpets are one of the toughest places to clean. They are exposed to footsteps and dust that drops from anywhere below the ceiling. The texture of carpets makes them hold dirt. It can never be shaken off. They cannot be washed away without rigorous techniques. One of the best ways to go about cleaning your carpet is to use a pressure washer. They help to force a powered jet of water against your impossibly dirty carpet. The carpets neither go into washing machines nor will suit the traditional manual washing techniques too. If you are interested in this article and would like to contact the developer go to Pearland Pressure Washing Website!

Process of pressure washing your carpets entails these following steps

  • Power wash the surface you would use to clean the rug. A wooden deck or sidewalk will be a preferred surface. Never clean your rug or carpet indoors.
  • Lay out the carpet in the way it will be there at home. Place the power washer up on it. Use the lowest possible settings, since it’s adequate to remove dirt from home use carpets.
  • Press the trigger and hold the wand a foot away from the carpet. Across the shorter dimension, keep moving washer in left to the right path. It pushes out the dirt in a single direction.
  • Overlap rows by at least 50% as you move down. Repeat the process till the expunged water looks clean. It is an indicator of cleanliness of the rug or carpet.
  • Place tiny amounts of carpet cleaner into the soft bristles of the brushes. Scrub the surface of the carpet, using the nylon brush bristles. It is required for all sorts of carpets and rugs.
  • Now, repeat the process till the expunged water doesn’t contain soap. The power wash cycles go till then. Place carpet of clothesline till it dries off.


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